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Welcome to the Public Insight Network

We’re excited to welcome you to the Web site of the Public Insight Network, where we highlight a variety of community perspectives on pressing issues in the St. Louis region. All stories are informed by sources in our Network through their responses to questionnaires related to various topics. Responses through the Network have far-reaching effects, informing stories and projects that appear on this site, on Nine PBS and in the St. Louis Beacon.

The Public Insight

Network is a joint effort of Nine Network of Public Media and the St. Louis Beacon, two organizations with tremendous experience telling the stories of our region.

The Network is informed entirely by the knowledge and expertise of our sources. We need your insights to thrive. To learn how you can become a source and help us tell your story, go here. Thanks for your participation, and be sure to regularly check for updates!

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About the Public Insight Network
The St. Louis Beacon online publication and the Nine Network invite you to share your knowledge, observations and expertise as a participant in the Public Insight Network (PIN). We need the insights of people in our region to help inform our work as we address issues of concern and tell the stories of our community. Read More >
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