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Teacher tenure still a live issue in Jefferson City

By Dale Singer, Beacon staff

A bill that would bring big changes to how Missouri teachers are evaluated – and how those evaluations could affect their jobs – lost big in the Missouri House last week, but those who favored the changes aren’t giving up yet.

The legislation – House bill 631 – had sailed through committee to the House

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Out with the Apples and in with the Dots!

By Sydney Meyer, Nine Network PIN anaylst

As a former teacher I was so excited about the effort to “redesign the imagery” around teachers. I have had my share of apple ornaments for my Christmas tree, apple designed aprons, apple candles and wooden apples for my desk. It was so refreshing to see some activity on

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Who should grade the teachers? It depends on who you ask

By Dale Singer, Beacon staff

Everyone knows that teachers grade their students. But who should grade the teachers — and how?

The question is at the heart of a lot of education talk these days, and not only in schools.

In Washington, Congress is continuing to struggle with what should follow the No Child Left Behind program, whose

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